Contacting a proficient and knowledgeable personal injury attorney can seem overwhelming at first glance, but in California one personal injury firm stands out among the rest, offering unmatched personal injury services to everyone in need, and that is the Woods Law Group.

Quality Representation from Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers

The Woods Law Group is comprised of exceptional personal injury attorneys who excel in representing personal injury claims for all those who have been harmed by the negligence of another. Our personal injury lawyers believe there is no case too small, or too large, for our qualifications, as success is our only goal as each personal injury attorney in our firm fights for a favorable outcome with each personal injury case we represent. Whether our approach to achieving a lucrative financial settlement for our personal injury clients is through arbitration, mediation or litigation our personal injury attorneys set the bar high from the very beginning, so there is no room for mincing the details of your personal injury case. We will provide a solid and strategic approach to procuring evidence, witness interviews and conducting depositions to strengthen your personal injury case for presentation to the courts, while you focusing on healing.

Each personal injury attorney in our firm brings the word personal to life when it comes to personal injury cases. Our personal commitment to our clients ensures that our interaction and approach is exclusive, so no one is bounced around the firm with reckless abandon. Our sincerity to a successful outcome allows us to partner with our personal injury clients, and share in their recovery from beginning to end. Although each personal injury attorney in our firm collaborates with the other personal injury lawyers to provide the best advice, guidance and knowledge for your personal injury case, you will be partnered with a personal injury attorney team from the moment we conduct a free consultation until you have received your financial settlement as a result of our superb personal injury representation.

Personal Injury Areas of Focus

At the Woods Law Group, we focus on California personal injury cases to ensure our clients receive the best representation possible when they are teamed with any of one of our skilled personal injury lawyers. We are dedicated to providing a personal approach to success when we build your case to hold the negligent party responsible for you or a loved one’s personal injury claim.

Our personal injury areas of concentration include:

No matter how or where your personal injury took place, our accomplished and compassionate personal injury attorneys will leave no detail to chance when recovering evidence and witness accounts of the accident. Time is of the essence in preserving the details of your personal injury case, which is why no particular portion of the personal injury event that took place is too small to account for during our consultation.

Our focused personal injury attorney team provides comforting and concentrated question and answer sessions that will allow you to relax while we create a formal discovery panel of the events that led to your personal injury. Simply put, we ask all of the right questions, and have all of the proper resources to help prove your personal injury case successfully in the court of law.

Full Access to Decades of Lawful Personal Injury Resources

The California personal injury attorneys at Woods Law Group have a commitment to our community, and have combined our personal injury resources from the time each lawyer passed the bar, until we assembled the accomplished and brilliant personal injury staff we have today. Along the way, each personal injury attorney has developed endless committed partnerships with a dedicated support staff, accident recreation specialists, medical professionals, rehabilitation experts and community leaders who are devoted to providing a safe place for everyone to enjoy life, without suffering from the consequences of personal injury.

With these resources we are able to determine the cause of your personal injury accident, and establish the overall healthcare needs that accompany your injuries. This allows us to prepare a complete personal injury case against the negligent party, so no detail is left to chance when our attorneys pursue a financial settlement.

Easing your Personal Injury Pain & Suffering

The goal of each personal injury attorney in our law firm is to provide you and your family with complete financial recovery from your personal injury. Each time the words personal injury is reviewed by our esteemed and knowledgeable personal injury attorneys, we discover a new meaning for the phrase. In our minds, personal injury is more than a physical ailment; it is also an emotional and psychological degradation that leaves our clients feeling helpless, afraid and alone. Personal injury can cause a number of debilitating side effects, each of which must be accounted for when pursuing a financial settlement.

  • Anxiety
  • Behavioral Difficulties
  • Depression
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Excessive Medical Bills
  • Long Term Medical Care
  • Loss of Income
  • Loss of Mobility
  • Loss of Position/Rank at Work
  • Personal & Family Stress
  • Physical & Psychological Therapy
  • Physical Injury
  • Rehabilitation Needs

Each personal injury lawyer at Woods Law Group is committed to returning our clients to full strength by delivering a proper financial settlement through every possible economic resource available to us via the negligent party. Whether it is personal funds, insurance coverage or professional group coverage, we will find the best resource to obtain your personal injury settlement to return you and your family to where they were before the personal injury accident interrupted your well-being.

We know that you never expected to be put in this position, and that the personal injury you have sustained has disrupted your livelihood in ways you never thought imaginable. Allow a personal injury lawyer at Woods Law Group to examine your case from the beginning, and provide you with the confidence you need to pursue financial restitution from the party who caused your personal injury, so you can focus on getting your life back.

Accomplished Personal Injury Representation is Only a Phone Call Away

If you or a loved one have been in an accident in any capacity that resulted in personal injury, it is important that you retain the proper representation necessary to hold the negligent party financially responsible for your circumstances. Contact a California personal injury lawyer at the Woods Law Group today at (888) 582-2440 for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you receive the financial restitution you deserve.

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    “I could never express in a note my gratitude. I was lucky that I got you as my attorney. It meant more to me that you believed in me. No dollar amount could have meant more to me than that did. I know that it is what you do, but I had to tell you […]

    “Thank you for everything. You have done more than I would ever expect. The stress and irritation you took away was more than enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

    “Briny, just a short note to say thanks for your assistance and advice on every step in this process. I was clueless, but you guided me through all the important steps. Reducing the amount due to the hospital and getting a personal contribution from the man whose carelessness caused my injury were the highlights of […]

    “I just want to thank you for taking my case. Thank you for the settlement. I appreciate how professional you have been. Most Sincerely, J.W.

    “Good evening sir, I would like to thank you and your firm for all the work that you guys did in my case.  In fact, I was not sure if I would receive any money in the suit. Thank you for everything. With all my past dealings with attorneys, what you guys did has made my […]

    Briny & Clay, Wanted to write and thank you both for your efforts in [M.D’s] case.  We truly appreciated your support and professionalism through this tough process for our daughter.  Best wishes for you and your families. Kind regards – [M.D.]

    I am totally impressed by your work on my case. Thank you so much for everything. You are professional, persistent, and just all around pleasant to work with. I really appreciate you… ~J.L.

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Car Accident Lawyers in California

If you have sustained a car crash personal injury, the most important assessment you can decide is what lawyer will represent you. Certainly there are many law offices and legal professionals to choose from, but you will need a Car lawyer who understands Vehicle personal injuries as well as the factors that cause Automobile crashes and will compete aggressively for your rights.

Our accident lawyers incorporate reconstruction consultants, economists, researchers, doctors, bio-mechanics together with other forensic specialists that are necessary in order to prove the way in which your motor vehicle collision transpired and exactly how much value there is to your claim. Our knowledgeable automobile wreck attorneys can efficiently recognize when such experts really are necessary and how best to benefit from their expertise in the time of negotiations with the insurance carrier to work out your individual court case or even to use for litigation in order to get optimum results for you and your family.

Give us a call today at 888-582-2440 for a no cost, private consultation with a skilled Car accident lawyers in California.

Wrongful Death Lawyer

Wrongful death law is an area of law that seeks to render monetary compensation toward the heirs of a particular person whose demise was precipitated by the negligent, willful, or wrongful act, neglect, omission, or default of another.

What laws oversee wrongful death?

Every state has drawn up its particular collection of civil "wrongful death statutes," and some type of wrongful death claim action is present in every one of state jurisdictions right now. Even when they all observe similar thoughts, every state jurisdiction is exclusive, which means that procedures will be different from state to state. There are no federal statutes for wrongful death.

A wrongful death could happen as a result of a wide variety of predicaments, for example:

Surgical malpractice which will ends up with decedent's passing away.
Neglect or even physical abuse on the part of a care home that ends up with the decedent's passing away.
Car, bus, train airplane or other common carrier accident.
Work-related direct exposure to toxic circumstances or drugs (contact to asbestos, etc.).
Fatality in the middle of supervised activity (sports match, field trip, etc.).

If you or a family member has been a victim in a Wrongful Death, please call us right now at 888-582-2440 for your no cost, confidential consultation with a skilled Wrongful Death lawyer.

We serve some of the following cities:

Chino, Citrus Heights, Corona, Costa Mesa, Davis, Fontana, Irvine, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Loma Linda, Mission Viejo, Montclair, Newport Beach, Ontario, Rancho Cordova, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, Rosemont, Roseville, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Ana, Temecula, Upland